Hobo Jeepers

Patrol 1 of the Mile High Jeep Club

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Hobo Run

Come be a Hobo for a day, and ride the Kingston Peak Loop Trail above Alice with us. As a Hobo, you will need to muster up needed supplies and trail knowledge to survive.


Our Story

The spirit of a "Hobo" and the fun of Jeeping are the ideals of our name. As Hobos ride the trails, we instead drive the trails in that same traveling spirit. We like to run from the scenic Jeeping routes, to the rugged adventure trips. The Hobos of Patrol 1 have mainly modified Jeeps, as lifts and lockers are recommended for most trips. The Hobos also enjoy all that MHJC has to offer, hold our Annual Hobo Run and "Tread Lightly". We get together every month at various members houses around Denver.


Mile High Jeep Club

Check out our parent club page website, the Mile High Jeep Club of Colorado. You will find a wealth if info about what we do, for us, and our community.

HoboJeepers Creed

“I Hobo- (state your name) do solemnly swear sometimes, to uphold the spirit of a Hobo, in mind and while on the trail, To always tread lightly, and stay on the trail, to not put more than 10% of my income into my Jeep in any one year, Zip-bop-beep-bop, I feel good! And dog-gone it I promise, to have a really really, Really really. Fun time today! JEEP JEEP!!! JEEP JEEP!!!!”

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Get off the blacktop and onto the Trail, that is where the Hobo's life begins
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Wanna See a few Pics?

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A Hobo's Life....
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